Best ‘Body of Work’

This category celebrates the day-to-day brilliance from the shop floor. Any barber with a smartphone or camera and a will to win can enter their work. Finalist’s images will be displayed in the ‘American Crew Gallery’ at the MOBA Awards event on May 13th 2018.

Criteria: Maximum upload size per image is 1.5MB (300dpi). Criteria will be include variety, technical excellence and skills on show. A minimum of four images and a maximum of six images is required to represent your breadth of skill.

Tips: Give it your best shot and do it in as hi res as possible, hopefully (300dpi). Never forget that the point of your image is showcasing your awesome hair skills. Judges are looking for variety and breadth of skill that you demonstrate every day on the shop floor.


With thanks to American Crew UK for sponsoring this category.

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