Awards categories

Best Team thanks to Aston & Fincher – Many barbershops refer to themselves as a ‘barber family’. This category showcases the unbreakable bonds and the unified strength that together make a successful business that supports and delights a community and clientele.

Best Business Leader thanks to NHF – Leadership qualities can manifest in the leaders of businesses both large and small. This category will celebrate the barbers with vision, purpose, commitment, tenacity and commercial strength.

Best Training thanks to Denman – It all starts here! This category is about highlighting the training either of an Academy or a shop that best delivers superior standard skills into the hands of new and experienced barbers. We want to hear about the qualifications, methods and success rates that is helping to protect our industry standards.

Best Shop Interior thanks to Takara Belmont – Handsome, fit-for-purpose, interesting and enjoyable. A category that celebrates the best in high impact barbershop interiors that customers don’t want to leave.

Best Apprentice thanks to Wahl – There’s some growing talent out there and our Judges want to hear about the learner that is on track for greatness and on fire for their industry. We want to hear about the individual that goes above and beyond in dedication, passion and attention-to-detail and is clearly on track to rise to the top.

Best Innovation thanks to Shortcuts – This wildcard category can be anything from a marketing promotion to a gadget. It just needs to make the judges go ‘wow’ and be sourced from the mind of a practicing barber.

Best Photographic Entry thanks to American Crew – We are looking for the image that best captures the essence of the current industry. It needs to be an image that demonstrates technical barbering excellence but also inspires the Judges. Finalist’s images will be displayed in the ‘American Crew Gallery’ at the MOBA Awards event on May 13th 2018.

Best ‘Body of Work’ thanks to American Crew – This category celebrates the day-to-day brilliance from the shop floor. Any barber with a smartphone or camera and a will to win can enter their work. Finalist’s images will be displayed in the ‘American Crew Gallery’ at the MOBA Awards event on May 13th 2018.

Best Customer Experience thanks to Salon Services – It takes dedication and passion to create the very best client experience and we want to hear from the shops that make every customer feel like a King.

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